How To Relieve Allergies

   How To Relieve Allergies In 3 Days Guaranteed! 

   Dear friend and valued client,

    Hi, I’m Rande Machell, and I’m here to tell you how can relieve irritating allergies that cause itchy eyes, endlessly runny noses, and basically ruin perfectly good days.

    As you may know, I’m a Certified Master Cleaner, so I
know cleaning- It’s my life! What you may not know is that in addition to being an expert in cleaning, I’m also an expert Indoor Environmental Control Technician. That may not sound exciting to you, but it means that I study every indoor contaminant and how to control it. I do this to insure that my customers (and my family) get the very best there is.
   Recently I Came Across An Amazing Discovery… 

   My friend in the picture up there is a dust mite. The dust mite, besides being ugly, is the source of allergies in over 22 million households in the country. You can’t see him, he’s too small but you definitely feel his presence… itchy, red eyes, stuffy nose scratchy throat. 

    You thought that you were safe in your own home.

You thought that outside was where all the yucky stuff was, and where your allergies might act up, but not in your own home. The truth is that your home is the major source of allergy causing contaminates. 

Dust Mites Are Found In All Homes, Regardless Of How Clean, With the Principal Source Being the Bedroom.

    Dust mites are found primarily in mattresses, sheets and blankets, pillows, carpets, and upholstered furniture. The average bedroom can be infested with millions of microscopic dust mites with up to 20% of the weight of an old pillow being dust mites. In fact, 60% of the dust mites in your home live in your mattress, making the bedroom the number one treatment priority.
   Why Do We Get Allergies? 

   Allergic illnesses develop when the body is overexposed to certain allergens. Ok, that means that when you’re exposed to dust mites over and over, it causes an immune response called an allergic reaction, or hypersensitivity (i.e., an exaggerated or inappropriate response) that results from an allergen (IOM1993). In effect, your body starts to defend itself against normally harmless substances.


   How to Remove These Intruders So You Can Breathe Freely

   First of all it’s important to remember that dust mites are ubiquitous in your home and will constantly multiply. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be controlled. Special attention to the cleaning of your mattress, pillows and bedding, as well as the carpet and upholstery in the bedrooms, is essential. While cleaning is important, no matter how spotless your home, dust mites can’t be eliminated entirely. Killing them is not an option because the poison used to kill them is dangerous.
   What Else Can Be Done? 

   I’ve searched and searched to bring you an answer to that very important question. And what I have found is a revolutionary treatment called “denaturalization”. You see, because an allergic reaction is essentially an “exaggerated or inappropriate response”, from the body, the key to stopping this response is to change what your body is responding to. I’ve found a new product called Allergy Relief Treatment, which changes the shape of allergen proteins, making them unrecognizable to the body. This prevents them from causing allergic reactions! 

   Here’s How Safe It Is . 

   This treatment is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, dye and perfume free, contains no phosphates or other hazardous materials and is biodegradable and environmentally safe. In addition it is derived from renewable fruit and vegetable seeds, is odor free and has been formulated for use around people with allergic illness and chemical sensitivities. Allergy Relief Treatment is not a pesticide or a mitacide. It can be used in homes with children and pets and in fact…

"Allergy Relief Treatment Is So Safe, It Can Even Be Used On Your Pet!" 

   Here’s How Easy It Is.
   After the cleaning of your mattress, pillows, carpet, and upholstery, we apply Allergy Relief Treatment, to the freshly cleaned items. It takes about 10 minutes to apply and your room is dry and ready to use in a few hours.

 So How Much Is This Miracle Treatment, Anyway?

Other allergy controls such as doctor visits and allergy shots can costs thousands of dollars. The Allergy Relief Treatment is not just effective but affordable. When compared to many highly expensive allergy control products and services, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that is such an outstanding value. The cost for cleaning and treating a single sized mattress is only $65.00 and a King sized mattress cleaned and treated is only $85.00.
   Get Immediate Symptom Relief Guaranteed! 

   When a bedroom has been cleaned and treated with Allergy relief Treatment, results or seen in the first three days and often in the fist night! But I don’t want you to have it done and not be happy, so I’ve designed a completely safe offer. Call my office today and schedule your cleaning and treatment. If after one week you aren’t thrilled with the results, I’ll refund the cost of the mattress cleaning and treatment. No questions asked. No note from your mother needed. And no hard feelings.
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    Call Now, and I’ll giveyou a quart of Allergy Relief Treatment in a handy trigger spray bottle. Use it yourself to treat any item in your house, like your favorite chair, or stuffed animal, or add it to the rinse cycle when you wash your sheets and pillow cases. And what’s more, I’ll even treat every pillow in any bedroom you have me clean at no charge. As I said earlier your pillow is a graveyard of mites. Yuck. 

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   Don’t breathe those allergy causing agents for one more day!

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