Carpet Repair

The care of your carpet includes more than just cleaning.

Before cleaning, have The Rug Expert re-stretch loose or wrinkled carpet, fix split seams, and repair burns, holes or other damage.


Seam Repair 
Split seams and long tears can be repaired with a special process using a thermoplastic tape and a carpet seaming iron. This permanent repair is performed in the same way that the original seams were done during installation.

After a time, carpet backings can stretch and become worn out from bending and flexing. Eventually this leads to buckles, ripples, and wrinkles, in the carpet. Using a power stretcher, a repair technician can stretch the carpet taut again. All excess carpet is trimmed from the edges and the carpet is reinstalled like new. This will improve the look of your carpet, and help to prevent safety hazards and further wear.

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                                                 Bonded Insert
For the removal of burns, holes or other damage, the damaged area is cut out, and a matching undamaged section is taken from a closet, or other inconspicuous area, or remnant.This replacement section is put into place, and permanently bonded to the surrounding carpet and groomed to match.

Trust your carpet repairs to The Rug Expert. Rande Machell is an IICRC Certified: Carpet Repair Technician