Money Back Guarantee


"Don't You Hate It When Service People Come To Your Home, Promise You The Word, And Then Leave You With Dirt?"

It only makes sense that the cheapest cleaning company would have to use the cheapest cleaning agents, the cheapest equipment, and the cheapest personnel they can find. Sometimes they will have one guy come to the estimate and then send an untrained, uncertified, or even undocumented worker to do the work. If you want your carpet really clean, then the cheapest company is not a bargain at all. Many companies in the Bay Area will tell you anything to get your money and then fail, absolutely fail to deliver on their promise.

When you call The Rug Expert,
You Get Me.
I'm an IICRC Certified: Master Textile Cleaner, The highest level of expertise in the industry. There are such things as permanent stains that nobody can remove, not even me, but I'll try to point those out to you and offer an alternative.
So I offer you this:
Money Back Guarantee! If you're not happy with my cleaning just call and I'll re-clean the area again for free. Hey not every job is perfect but I strive for it. If you still are not happy I'll give you your money back! I only want happy clients that want to use me again and again, and tell their friends and neighbors to call me.

I Also Offer My Happy Clients, a
Stay Clean Warranty!
If after I clean the carpet you have a spill, or track in mud, I'll clean that area again for free.Up to 150 square feet! Warranty length varies with Cleaning Packages.