Here Is What People Are Saying About The Rug Expert.

The Rug Expert; outstanding job!?
 By Stefanie - Rande did an outstanding job of fixing my carpet. I spilled bleach which caused damages the size of a grapefruit. I was devastated. Rande pulled a piece out of the closet and patched the spot up. From a slight distance you cannot even tell it was patched. Rande also did a carpet inspection on my carpet over a year ago. Based on his findings the carpet manufacture replaced my entire carpet. He's a lifesaver. Very professional.?

The Rug Expert-Highly recommended!?
 By Ethical Services - Rande is a true professional in every sense. He is knowledgeable, competent, courteous, hard-working and takes pride in his work. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of maintenance on any type of flooring or upholstery. -AL

The Rug Expert-My sofas look like new!?
 By ethical reviews - Rande did an excellent job on my beige sofas. They look like new. He was also informative and explained what he did clearly. He is a busy guy, but takes the time it takes, and is friendly and to the point. Pleasure to do business with him. Thanks, Helene Brun. -HB 

Excellent Service?
 By davidst98 - Rande is on time; provides excellent service; and even has rid me of some ugly stains.?

Again, and excellent job?
 By l - Rande has cleaned my carpets muliple times, my extended family's carpets and tile, and many of my friends homes. I have been cleaning my carpets at least every two years and used various services over the last 20 years. Rande is by far the best in all areas. I recommend him constantly. He will be doing my tile in a couple of weeks too. Happy in Mountain View?

No More Hoover?
 By lori.dow - I've cleaned my own carpets for years with a Hoover Carpet Cleaner. After a recent remodel I decided to save myself some time and made an appt w/Rande. WOW !!!!! I've NEVER seen my carpets this clean !!!!!! I will definitely use his service again in addition to recommending him to my friends.?

Excellent Results?
 By Kim - We have entrusted Randy to service the carpets in the apartments we manage for several years. Recently, we have also had him clean carpets and limestone tile in a Class A commercial office building. The results were great. He was careful of the fine finishes and woodwork, and cognizant of the tenants and off hours timing need. He has my very high recommendation.?

Best Carpet Cleaning I've Ever Had?
 By Nickname unavailable - This was NOT Rande's "first rodeo." He came out at no charge to advise us on our wool indian rugs...they had an unpleasant smell, which Rande explained to us. It was obvious that he is REALLY an expert, not just in name. On our scheduled cleaning day, he arrived exactly on time, after a courtesy phone call to us. He explained that the stains in our carpet were from a previous cleaning where the soap wasn't fully removed. His equipment is all in his van, with a gas powered arrangement that pushes cleaning solution to a wand, which then sucks it up into a much larger hose and sends it to tanks in the van. After his cleaning, our carpets look like new (and we were thinking of replacing them before Rande's capable cleaning). There were some rust spots he was able to remove as well. This is an unqualified recommendation! We'll have him back. Oh yeah, his prices are extremely reasonable too. A great deal. Pete?

Excellent Service?
 By drbeat - Rande is extremely knowledgeable about and dedicated to his work and it shows. He provides a quality service, does a thorough job, and doesn't change prices or try to charge more once he's started the job. Don't get ripped off by cheap services. You owe it to yourself and your family to have a clean, healthy home and it's worth paying an extra buck or two to have it done right.?

expert carpet cleaner?
 By bdallenb2 - Rande the Rug Expert has been cleaning our carpets for years, and has always done an excellent job. Last week we had a real callenge for him, since we'd had our kitchen remodeled and the contractors managed to get the carpet in one area of the dining room really filthy, in spite of putting down a cover. We showed this very grungy area to Rande, and he was undaunted; once again he came through and did a beautiful job. I would highly recommend him!?

The Rug Expert really is?
 By bjvinson61 - The Rug Expert really IS an expert. He cleaned my carpeting in my entire house, removing two "unremoveable" stains left by a previous rug cleaner, and he did it in less time for a lower price than anyone else. I will never call anyone but Rande in future for all my rug cleaning.?

Great Job?
 By Andrew - Best by far, for prices and service. Scheduling was very easy and quick, they even asked what time worked best for me.... Showed up within the one hour window we had been given, and gave our place a quick once over and review of what he'd be doing. Then he went right to work. The machine was very quiet, and very quick, the whole process took just over an hour for two good sized bedrooms. The end result was incredible ( and a happy wife ). The carpets looked brand new, and had their old bounce and colour back. Overall very straightforward, friendly and honest. The price was unbeatable for the service. We will be using them many times more.?

Trully the Rug Expert?
 By kusener - Rande does the best work at the most reasonable price of anybody in the South Bay. He is dependable and performs the work just as promised. He is the only guy I use!?

carpet cleaning?
 By Ed - I have had my carpets cleaned severl times by the Rug Expert and have always been extremely satisfied. Recently I had the Rug Expert clean my flagstone patio which had become quite stained over the years. It turned out to be a four hour job which restored the patio to its origianal status. In addition he put a protectant solution on the patio so that it will not get stained in the future. Again I am extremely satisfied.?

 User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by Jenn 
The Rug Expert did a beautiful job, and Rande was very good to work with.

 User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by seenaman 
Rande gives excellent service. I've used him
for years now and he's always come through
for the regular and for difficult stains.

Lori Greene Santa Clara
 The Rug Expert is fantastic. We recommend Rande to all our friends 
Ann Lough Cupertino
Rande is a true professional in every sense. He is knowledgeable, competent, courteous, hard-working, and takes great pride in his work. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of maintenence on ny type of flooring or upholstery. 

Lumie Steele Los Altos
The Rug Expert is Prompt and Efficient. My carpet was was filthy so, as he cleaned, I was amazed at how good and clean it came out. He also gave me great advice and information on how to keep my carpet looking good.

Jack Crane Los Altos
Excellent service and results. Far better than any other service used previously. Will use this business again when needed.
Yvonne Hoffman Cupertino
On time. Professional. Honest. Great job. I will use him again.

Ken Breitschopf Los Altos
Service was very good.

Peter Jewett Los Altos Hills
Excellent service. Results and costs were exactly as committed when I called on the phone.

Erica Atkinson Los Altos
Thoughtful, prompt, hard-working, an intelligent man who takes pride in his work and goes the extra mile to please his customers. After a terrible experience with a large chain of carpet cleaners, I called the Rug Expert because I had a coupon. Now I will never call anyone else.

John/Grace Schoenbrun Cupertino
Rande Machell is truly the Rug Expert. We experienced a very bad stain that nobody professionally was able to remove, but Randee with all his expertise, did a fine job of taking care of the stain. He is truly knowledgeable, professional with a great attitude, and we highly recommend him to all our friends. We look forward to having his services on a yearly basis.

Ruth Stevens Cupertino
Rande Machell does an excellent job cleaning our carpets. He is able to get out any stain that my kids and my dog (okay, and me) have inflicted. I also appreciate his knowledge and his honesty. He never tries to sell me on any unnecessary treatments and he's always willing to give me advice on what over-the-counter products to use. His prices are very reasonable. He's prompt, professional and obviously takes pride in his work. I've tried a lot of carpet cleaners and I'll be sticking with The Rug Expert.

Helene Brun Los Altos
Rande did an excellent job on my beige sofas. They look like new. He was also informative and explained what he did clearly. He is a busy guy, but takes the time it takes, and is friendly and to the point. Pleasure to do business with him. Thanks, Helene Brun.

Jerome Jackson Los Altos
I have used the Rug Experts several times to clean my carpets. I have a very light (nearly white) carpet that will stain from below if too much moisture is used to clean the carpet, It can also contain some difficult to clean areas, especially since I have a large Labrador dog. The Rug Experts clean my carpet thoroughly and restore it to its near-new appearance. I highly recommend them.  

Salvatore B.Dina Mountain View
The Rug Expert did an excellent job. It amazed me that Rande easily removed a rust stain from our carpet that no one else could. The carpet stretching, and repair work he did, saved us from having to buy new carpet.

Rob Martin Mountain View
My carpets look the best I’ve ever seen them, and I’m 59 years old! The Rug Expert did my kitchen and bathroom floors too! Everything looks like new. I’m very very impressed. Rande was also able to come out on a days notice and worked extremely hard! Personally, I am so happy with my floors; my house looks like new… I’m going to invite my friends over now!

Lara Vastano Santa Clara
I will tell all my friends to use The Rug Expert. I have never seen my carpets this clean since we bought our house 9 years ago. I needed to get my carpets cleaned before my child’s birthday party. I wasn’t sure if we could get them clean enough, and we had considered replacing them. Now we don’t have to get rid of our carpets because they look new! Even our bad stains came out nice and clean!

susan hannibal saratoga
Hi Rande, You recently cleaned the carpet in several areas of my home. The carpet was so bad that I thought we were going to have to replace it. I am so happy with the results. You did a great job and I know it was a tough one. My carpets look brand new. If you ever need a reference feel free to use my name. Thanks for a job so well done, Susan Hannibal Saratoga, CA 

R. Lawson Sunnyvale CA
Rande is so trustworthy that we left on a trip and he finished the job and locked up the house, leaving the key where we asked! R. Lawson

Norma Fox Mountain View
Fantastic service, very professional, will definitely use The Rug Expert again and would not hesitate in recommending them. They did a fantastic job.

Allegra Petras Los Altos
My experience with The Rug Expert was exceptional. I had a coupon which he honored with no haggling once he was on site... did not try to up sell me with stain treatments or add in other additional costs (experiences I have had with other vendors.) He showed up promptly, knew what he was doing, respected my house, put up warning signs that the floor may be slippery and did a fantastic job on the carpets. I will definitely use The Rug Expert again.

Jack Crane Los Altos
Excellent service and results. Far better than any other service used previously. Will use this business again when needed.

December 15, 2009 The Rug Expert-Been with them for several years

I have had Randy cleaning my carpets for several years. He always does a wonderful job.

-L. Saxbury

December 15, 2009
The Rug Expert-Friendly & Helpful
Excellent job. Friendly & helpful.

-Mrs. Doreen Pokriots, San Jose

December 7, 2009 The Rug Expert - Now I will never call anyone else

Thoughtful, prompt, hard-working, and intelligent man who takes pride in his work and goes the extra mile to please his customers. After a terrible experience with a large chain of carpet cleaners, I called the Rug Expert because I had a coupon.

Now I will never call anyone else.

 - E.A.

December 14, 2009 The Rug Expert-Professional, offers competitive prices



December 29, 2009 The Rug Expert-The best in both cleaning and carpet repair

The best in both cleaning & also carpet repair.

I’ve had the Rug Expert here several times!

-Sally Porush

December 14, 2009 The Rug Expert-Best rug/upholstery cleaner

Rande the “Rug Expert” is wonderful. He is by far the BEST rug/upholstery cleaner I have ever had in 38 years. And, his prices are extremely reasonable.

-C. Fielding

December 29, 2009 The Rug Expert-Efficient, quick and thorough service

Very flexible on appointment time. Efficient, quick and thorough service. Price very compatible—received a discount even the second time around. Will absolutely recommend to friends and use again. P.S I love the newsletter!

-Meike & Andrew Robertson

December 14, 2009 The Rug Expert-Much better than those seen on TV. You are much better than “you know who” often seen in TV ads.



December 14, 2009 The Rug Expert-Reasonable, friendly, not pushy

5 stars! Great! Never been happier with a carpet cleaning job! Rande also cleaned a chair that was “given up” on by others. Reasonable, friendly, not pushy!

-June De Buhr

December 29, 2009 The Rug Expert-Recommended to my friends

I’ve used Randee for many years—he’s very conscientious and really backs his services. I’ve recommended him to many friends and they have all been very satisfied.


December 29, 2009 The Rug Expert-On time, excellent cleaning, clear pricing

Always on time, or calls if delayed.  Excellent cleaning. Very clear on his pricing

-Barbara Jones


January 15, 2010 The Rug Expert-Whole-heartedly recommend him and his work

Randy has cleaned my carpets for years, even before he went to Colorado. He came back a few years ago. It was good to have a respectable cleaner available. He has also cleaned upholstery. It looked like new when he finished. I whole-heartedly recommend him and his work.


-Willa Suggs


“Rande does a very thorough cleaning. Our carpets look like new for weeks. I have had Rande clean our carpets 5 times. He is honest, dependable and very knowledgeable about carpet cleaning, germs, odors, products, etc. We have 3 children, 2 dogs, and 2 cats, so our carpets get pretty rank. Rande can clean them back to pristine condition. He has even removed carpet for us at our request. One time he was removing carpet while I was learning to play the piano. He hammered the metal stripping to the “beat” of the piano music. That’s how my kids remember Rande when I tell them the carpets are to be cleaned. What I value most is that my carpets look, smell, and feel great when Rande is finished cleaning, and stay that way a while. The other thing I appreciate is how he explains how different chemicals react to cause/remove stains and odors.”
Lise’ McCarthy
San Jose, CA


“Thank you for the excellent job you did on our carpet in Portola Valley. I was very impressed with your hard work, skill, and outstanding work ethic. I would recommend you highly to anyone who would ask.”
Hokan Holm


“Rande repaired two places in my Berber carpet and I could not see the repairs, it looks the same as the rest. Excellent job!”
Shirley Hill


“ Rande is very experienced in carpet cleaning and does an exceptional job. I’ve had my carpets cleaned twice by Machell Carpet. The company is very professional. I can recommend them to anyone.”
Sasha Chapman
San Jose

“Rande is friendly and does an excellent job at a great price. I called on Monday with company from out of town coming on Saturday, and he was here on Thursday. My carpets were clean when my company was clean when my company came. Thank you! Rande introduced me to an air cleaner that allows me, with Emphysema, to breathe much easier in my own home. I have my carpets cleaned by Rande every 3 Months.”
Wanda Germaine


“ Rande is excellent! He pays special attention to trouble spots. He is able to handle repairs and carpet stretching. I have had Rande clean my own carpets 6 times personally. Machell Carpet is prompt and courteous. I have referred them to many of my clients and will continue to do so.”
Nick Kern, CRS

“We appreciate your prompt and courteous service. We have you clean our carpet twice a year because you always do good work, and our air purifier really takes away the cigarette smoke. Thank you.”
James and Dorothy Seiferlein


“After many visits of 8 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren, I began saving for carpet replacement. After Rande's steam cleaning, the carpet looked so well restored, I instead spent the savings on kitchen repair!”
Mrs. Bennie L.Chakerian
Retired Nurse and Homemaker
Los Altos, CA


“I have Rande clean 4-5 times a year for the past 5 years. I am extremely pleased with Rande’s work. He is friendly reliable and knowledgeable. A real expert on carpets and their care. I first used Rande’s services to re-dye my blue carpet after it had some bleach spots on it. I was very happy that I didn’t have to replace the carpet.”
Margaret Birnbaum


“I have had Rande to my house at least 8 or 9 times in the past 3 years. I would not even think about using another carpet cleaner. Rande is very pleasant, and reliable. One time my dog chewed a corner of my brand new carpet and Rande was able to repair it and did such a good job that I could not see where it was replaced! My carpet has lots of spots because of my dogs, and each time it’s cleaned it looks brand new. Also all odors are eliminated.”
Bernice White
Mountain View


“This was my first time using Machell Carpet and Rande has carpet down to a science. He thoroughly explained all the ins & outs of carpet care and cleaning. He even told us how to maintain the carpet! And explained the health benefits of carpet cleaning. I was pleased with the whole experience. I watched Rande every step of the way, and I could not have done it better.”
Charlie Porzio


“My carpet looks like new again, and by all means I had the dirtiest carpet, with lots of cat spots. You are very friendly and professional.”
Ms. Willy Visser


“Once you’ve had Rande clean your carpets, you’ll never have anyone else. I have from experience they are the best. Rande is thorough and very positive about his work. You will be very pleased and extremely satisfied. A-1 in my book.”
Mrs. Ruth Schreiner
Sunnyvale CA


“Very good work and excellent cleaning results. Our carpet is off-white and we live in the hills, we bring mud sometimes. After Rande cleans the carpet is looks like new. Once or twice recurring spots have appeared and Rande comes up promptly and removes them. I feel like I can depend on Rande to clean my carpet well. I trust him.”
Mr. and Mrs. Creasy
Palo Alto, CA


“Rande Machell is extremely Knowledgeable about the” science” of carpet and upholstery cleaning. He is extremely hard working, and gets excellent results. The company is very professional and responds quickly to our request for service.”
Rosalind Griffiths


“Before I had my carpets cleaned by Machell Carpet, my carpet got dirty very quickly after cleaning. Now that Rande is cleaning my carpet, the carpets stay clean much longer than before. I have light beige carpet and it is important to me that it looks clean. I feel that Rande cleans my carpets thoroughly, so I’ve had him do my carpet cleaning more than Five times.”
Shelby H. Camphell


“Prior to moving in to my new home, I contracted with Machell Carpet to clean my upholstered living room set. It has been 3 years, and still looks brand new. I feel I can always rely on Rande to service my carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.”
Margie Hewes


“A very clean carpet makes me proud to show off my carpet and my home. I have no regrets in recommending Rande to my friends and acquaintances. He is always courteous and on time, and does an excellent job. When coming to my home Machell Carpet always does two or three of my friends homes the same day, making us all very happy.”
Jackie Kitchin   


“The quality of cleaning you performed in our lobby area is outstanding. The treatment recommended and done by Rande has caused the carpet to stay clean longer. We appreciate your friendly, efficient, and on-time service.”
Dale Ferguson


“I’ve had Rande clean the carpet at my home 5 or 6 times, so when we started having trouble with carpet in the athletic facility at the Palo Alto Elks Lodge, I knew Rande could fix the problem. First, he installed carpet to match an area where lockers were removed and bare concrete was exposed. Then, he was able to restore the appearance of the carpet through an ongoing cleaning schedule. His skills are superb and the results have been outstanding, even with very difficult projects.

Once a volunteer painting project at the Elks Lodge ended up a disaster. Painters tracked enamel paint all over the carpets and it dried before we could reach Rande (our fault). Rande made an immediate trip plus follow-ups to perform his magic, and got it all out! He performed the same magic when an entire pot of coffee was knocked over on to the carpet during a racquetball tournament at the lodge. Rande are very cooperative and easy to deal with. We liked them so much we decided to draft the whole family into the Elks Lodge.”  
Edward A. Mendell


“It is really amazing what happens, I get all set discard my carpet for a new, and then after I have them cleaned it’s like new. Thanks Rande, this is the third time you’ve saved my carpet and the stretching job you did in the bedroom came out great.”
Eleanor M. Mahon


“I never have to worry about how well the carpets will be cleaned in our Clubhouse. They always come out great and Rande makes sure all excess water is removed, so that the carpet dries fast. By far, the best service we have received is from Rande’s Carpet service.”
Ron Swegles 


The Rug Expert-Job was perfect!

Thank you for the repair work you did on our carpet. I know it was a tough job. Thanks for coming back to make it perfect!

-Evelyn R.